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My Own Weird Monster

It’s time to be my own creative person.  It’s time to stand up for myself and stop trying to let myself be influenced entirely by all others.

I can’t “double-check” my life against anyone else’s to see if I’m doing it right.  I can’t attempt to be in agreement with all of my friends and family, and the rest of the world too.

Of course, there is an important time for getting along with society.  There are certain important structures and boundaries.  But each person must be a unique individual.  And to be that unique individual, you’re going to end up sticking out as your own weird person.

To me, being “my own weird Monster” means not being afraid of my own strength to direct my own actions and thoughts on this planet.  What’s exactly right for me in my life would not be exactly right for anyone else.  So, while I may be odd, I’m just going to embrace the oddness and weirdness that is right for me.



Reflections on Reading about Others’ Painful Experiences

Yesterday evening, I read through my new Oprah magazine. I read Oprah’s interview with Tyler Perry, and hearing about his childhood experiences broke my heart. Oprah is an amazing person and seems to be a wonderful empathic listener and friend. I have incredible admiration for Tyler Perry and his amazing success story.

It is sad to read about others’ painful life experiences. It makes me want to help children who currently need help. At the same time, I feel helpless because my small efforts would not change the entire world. However, it is inspiring to know that many adults are able to eventually create the lives they really want, overcoming their painful childhoods. Read the rest of this entry »