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Fear versus Bravery

About two years ago I made a major decision based on following the urges of fear.  Ever since then, I have spent as much time as possible avoiding and resisting.  I have been afraid of working hard and afraid really of trying anything.  I have been a virtual shut-in, not really wanting to leave the safety of my house that much.

People are really brave, and it is time for me to join the ranks of all of these wonderful, brave people who do what they have to do each day.  Laziness has gotten the best of me for two years, but it is time to fight the laziness and just be bold and brave each day.  This means working hard and working directly toward my goals.

I’ve been doing everything possible to shirk my adult responsibilities.  I was like, “I’ll pass” on the whole responsibility and working hard thing.  But strangely, trying to follow what fear directs and trying to always, always find the path of no resistance is not working for me at all.  It has not made me happier, it has only made me less happy and more fearful of even more things.

So even though I still feel very fearful and unsure about nearly every issue life brings up, I will go forward bravely and for once try to do my best by working hard.  To me, this means working toward all of my many goals, for career and health and every daily task that is important and needs to be done.  It will take a while to change all of my lazy bad habits, but I am determined to finally be my best.



  macadiddily wrote @

Good for you! I think it shows vast intelligence and introspection and bravery to identify that you’re feeling dissatisfied in some aspects of your life, admit to it, and then want to take action to change your outlook and situation. I think you’re already practicing being a productive contribution to society just by being the thoughtful person you are every day! : )

  bellemusic wrote @

Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I appreciate you reading the blog post. I like your perspective on it, very positive.

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