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The Grass is Always Greener… (but not really)

It is a lovely cold, Fall morning.  I sit at the computer in a comfy gray sweater with a huge slouchy collar that is perfect for staying warm flamboyantly.  I sip rich, flavorful coffee.  I muse about where my thoughts have been wandering to for the past few days.

I’m listening to the Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what you want” and also the Killers “All these things that I’ve done.”  Two epic songs, yet with a lot of real emotion behind them it seems.

Reaching adulthood after a very gradual and arduous climb, I’ve begrudgingly learned some things.  As a youngster, I could get away with only being idealistic about things.  I dreamed that one day, over the horizon, everything would turn out to be absolutely perfect.  And, additionally, it would be absolutely perfect in just the way that I wanted it to be perfect.

It has been difficult for me to commit to a responsible future.  I’m securely married, so that takes care of a lot of issues that used to be open-ended.  I have slowly been adding and deciding what hobbies I will pursue.  I’ve struggled with the school commitment that would lead to one definite career.

Part of me is still always looking to the horizon for the something new or different.  But that’s old news at this point in my life.  (Now playing:  Rolling Stones “Wild Horses.”)  It takes a new set of skills and good habits to be content and feel good about staying in one place.

Over the weekend I had my last thoughts of making a dash for the horizon.  Maybe travel the world in some extravagant way, or reinvent myself so that I would be practically unrecognizable.  But attempting to make huge changes to my life when I have finally become very happy (for about the first time in ten years) wouldn’t make any sense, would it?  Nope.  My more mature brain knows that I have been out there on my own, chasing that horizon, and it never lead to anything worthwhile, good, secure, or remotely happy.  So the part of my heart that wants to keep roaming had better get used to being happy in one place.

Even the question “why?” seems more youthful at this point.  “Why?” seems to be a challenge that says things should be a different way.  But I have learned that it is wiser to actually see how things are.  A clear-eyed observation of the truth will not be heart-warming in many cases.  But seeing things as they really are will allow you to make the wiser choices, such as a wise choice to stay happy where you are in the world.

The grass may look greener over there, but after a number of years and a number of life lessons have gone by, you finally know that the green grass in the distance is just an optical illusion and not worth chasing.  It is time to stay steady, to stay content in one, finally, happy place.



  meandthestereo wrote @

Belle casts Lvl 10 Permanent – Comfort and Peace.

Game continues on…

  bellemusic wrote @

You’re awesome! : ) Thanks for reading (especially since you hear the live version a lot already).

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