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Some Random, Bouncing Ideas

A change of scenery can work magic.  My sister and I went to a concert the other night at an elegant concert hall and it was really fun.  I had been worried about going out of my small comfort zone, but it was totally worth it and all worked out well.

Playing a dorky card game with my husband is making me get over the remaining bits of my snobbery.  I will not disclose quite how snobby I have been in the past, but it wasn’t admirable.  For instance, before I met my husband, I took pride in never eating at certain fast food restaurants, that type of thing.  Now, I take pride in just being myself, from the formal to the casual and informal occasions.  Being comfortable in all types of settings and environments in a cool way is really appealing to me and now a trait that I value.

I participated in a big presentation on Tuesday.  It went really well even though we hit a few awkward points.  Something about a bit of public speaking has always been fun to me.  It’s kind of that rush you get after you play a big show.  You know that you have pushed yourself and lived up to the personal challenge.  Also, this was a big study week.  My two tests went fairly well I think.

Very recently I am coming to terms with money not being bad; I tell myself that money is just a tool.  Greed is bad, money is fairly neutral.  Unfortunately I have grown up equating money with being inherently negative and greedy somehow, but I think that is not the case at all.  I like something along the lines of the abundance idea.  I think if we share our resources successfully there is really enough for everyone.  I can still fight guilty feelings when I think of how many people in the world don’t share all of my good fortune.  But then I tell myself, many people are fighting to help others; no one wants to leave anyone out in the cold.  I am idealistic that someday, if we all pitch-in in different ways, no one will be homeless and no one will have to live in poverty.  Hopefully historical and regional inequalities will continue to level out in the coming years so that every individual has access to the resources they need to be fully comfortable and fully enjoying life.  I think the good fortune and plenty that many Americans enjoy should be enjoyed by everyone on the planet.  (Although hopefully in a much more environmentally friendly way, of course.)

After a whiney weekend, I somehow managed to start Monday with a lot of energy and focus.  Each new day brings new wonders and beauty.  A smattering of bad days here and there just have to be faced with emotional bravery and a sense that the moodiness will not last forever.

I am settling down after incredible career choice oscillations.  Like, I would change my mind every two hours even though it’s not even decision-making time.  I think I am slowly working on making a true career commitment.  Part of the focus for me is on doing the hard work that it takes each day.  Working hard is actually much less stressful than worrying about working hard, and I have found this out through the personal experience of worrying a ton and getting nowhere.

November is National Novel Writing Month and I have my main idea ready, so I will just be able to jump into the writing.  I’m really looking forward to the challenge.  I know that I can write easily and I am pretty competent at silencing my inner critic for the rough draft stage, so the Novel Writing Month should be really fun.

Oh, and did I say in the last post that I was through with Buddhism and spirituality?  That was the idea of the moment.  Basically, it is sometimes difficult for me to be committed to only one certain idea (other than to my marriage, that’s the only commitment I don’t hesitate at all about).

I live for my carefree days, which grace me with their presence a few times per month.  Today is a carefree day after a happy evening and waking up to a happy morning as well.  Even though I will, I can’t complain.


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